Detail from The Annunciation
Unknown Tuscan artist
13th-14th century
SS Annunziata, Florence

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Our Way of Life

As Servants of Mary, we aim to imitate her in her total gift of herself to God, her acceptance of His will, her service and her compassion.

We recognise that the Lord "chooses the weakest instruments for His greatest work" (Members' Daily Prayer) and need the support of one another. This support is given by prayer, personal contact but most importantly through participation in regular group meetings.

The following extracts from the Constitutions of the Institute show something of what we seek to be and how we seek to live.

Extracts from the Constitutions of the Servite Secular Institute

As Servants of Mary, we ally ourselves in our apostolic life with her alacrity at the visitation, her obedience at the Presentation, her awareness at the Marriage of Cana, her compassion at Calvary and her confidence at the Cenacle. (20)

Members of the Servite Secular Institute are women of prayer, consecrated to God in the service of others whilst remaining in ordinary walks of life. As such we give our whole life without reserve to God and to the mission of His Church, which is to bring Christ to all in the world; this we will fulfil only in the measure that we ourselves become more like Christ. As we cooperate with the Holy Spirit we not only deepen our love for our family, Institute and friends, but also for the whole of humanity irrespective of race, religion, ideology or lifestyle; such a love is marked by a friendly openness. it is by our way of living that, individually, we bear witness to and affirm the dignity of every person as being made in the image of God. (5)

Our consecration is reflected in the quality of our work and of any other forms of service we may render, including those of presence and prayer. As Servants of Mary, we learn to serve faithfully, willingly and lovingly, as Mary served the Lord. Our attitude in all we do will therefore be kind, responsible and persevering. As we develop within ourselves true detachment, we become more and more available to God and His people and it is by learning to share with others the joys and sufferings of daily life that we strengthen and deepen the caring quality of our total commitment. (7)

Mary, Mother of the Lord and our Mother, is for us a perfect model of a whole life of contemplative prayer expressed through loving service. (9)